Kitchen Design Checklist

  Things to consider when planning your kitchen.

The following checklist should provide a good starting point when meeting with your kitchen designer. This will also help to make sure that nothing important is left out when discussing your requirements. 

Download and printout for your use. 

Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Style of Kitchen (Modern, Traditional, Shaker)
Handles, Knobs, or No Handles
Glass Display Cabinets or Open Shelves
Deep Drawer for Pots, Pans, Dishes, and Food
☐ Tall Cabinets (Larders, Broom Cupboard)


 Waste bin, Food Containers, Spices, Wine Rack
 Corner Options (Carousels, Pull-outs, Shelves)
☐ Baking Racks and Sheets
☐ Stove or Double Oven and Cooktop
☐ Breakfast Bar (Island or Peninsula)
☐ Feature Pantry/Breakfast Pantry

Countertop Backsplash

 Countertop Type (Laminate, Quartz, Granite, Corian)
☐ Thickness of Worktop (20mm, 30mm, 40mm, etc.)
 Mixing Finishes (wood island or breakfast bar)
☐ Backsplash (Matching worktop, Glass, Tile)
☐ Countertop or Backsplash Finish(Satin, Matte, Gloss)?

Sinks or Faucets

 Consider Size, Finish, & Number of Bowls ​
☐ Sink (Under-mount, Drop In, Skirted Front)
☐ Faucet (Single Handle, Touch Control, - Glass Washer, Soap Dispenser


 Oven (How many, Size, Type?)
☐ Cooktop (Gas, Electric)
☐ Combi Microwave, OTR
☐ Steam Oven, Air fry
☐ Dishwasher

 Hood fan Ventilation
    -Integrated Microwave, OTR
    -Feature Wall Mounted
    -Island (Hanging, Venting Hob)
☐ Dishwasher (24in or 18in)
☐ Built in Coffee Machine
Warming Drawer

 Wine Cooler
☐ Refrigeration
    -Integrated Fridge/Freezer
    -Standard Fridge/Freezer
    -Separate Fridge & Freezer


☐ Lights (Under Cabinet Lights, Pendants, Pot Lights)
☐ Flooring (Tiles, Vinyl, Wood)
 Color Schemes
☐ Heating (Radiators, Under Floor Heating)